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 Jody Pogo is Finding the REAL You…

About Jody:

Jody Pogorzelski, AKA “Jody Pogo”, is a Self Discovery Guide, Passion Coach and Speaker who fearlessly brings her intuitive gifts to the table to transform the lives of others in deep, meaningful and creative ways.  She helps individuals to reconnect with their TRUE, authentic selves to regain clarity on the things they REALLY want to be, do, have and feel.  She puts the power in their hands and guides them into creating the passionate, joy-filled life they desire and are MEANT to live.  Jody sees the “Extraordinary in the Ordinary” and offers a refreshing perspective on the so-called normalcies of everyday life, allowing her clients and audiences to see the things that are going right, rather than wrong, and how to attract MORE of what they desire.


Jody creates a space of peace and security within each session to allow her clients to go deep within to release old fears, find what they are TRULY passionate about and move forward with PURPOSE and CLARITY.  Her main mission is to create a re-connection within the individual to BRIDGE THE GAPS between their inner and outer self, so that they can begin to live a life that feels AUTHENTIC for them.  Jody help her clients “Find” themselves by helping them to reconnect at the core of who they truly are, reclaim their voice and power so they can regain a strong sense of themselves again.  To schedule a Free Connection Session with Jody: Click Here or call (262) 215-2286.


Touted as being “Engaging”, “Awesome”, “Outstanding” and “Inspirational” by her audience members, Jody brings her own UNIQUE, Approachable, Gentle, Enjoyable and Effective style to the stage.  She has a way of bringing her audience to clarity, laughter, tears and joy in a matter of minutes.  Touching on humor, love, self empowerment and bliss, her mission is to INSPIRE millions to live their most passionate lives.  To book Jody for your next event or radio show: Click Here or call (262) 215-2286.

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