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Stuck, Unfulfilled, Unsatisfied, WomanHOW LONG have you been feeling:






Happy, Fulfilled, Passionate, Joyful, WomanISN’T IT TIME you started feeling more:

  • Joyful

  • Fulfilled

  • Passionate?

Do you feel like you got left behind in your last relationship?

Do you seem to keep dating the “same” person over and over again?

Does your job or career take everything you’ve got, leaving nothing left for anyone else, including yourself?

Do childhood traumatic events still plague you and effect your current relationships?

Did you lose your identity when your job was eliminated or marriage ended?

If you answered YES to anyone of these questions,

I’d like to help.

I work with people who feel stuck, unfulfilled,  unsatisfied and yearn for more, but can’t seem to figure out what the “More” is.  As a Passion Coach, my personal goal is to help each individual client uncover and reconnect to their true desires and who they REALLY are, mind, body, spirit, heart, soul.  I interact privately and confidentially with my clients to help them regain balance in their lives, reclaim their voice and power, experience more joy, find their purpose and gain clarity on what is most important to them and what they are passionate about.

I can help you find the REAL YOU.


If you have decided it’s time to stop spinning your wheels, have MORE joy in your life and are ready to uncover and re-connect to the true, authentic “YOU”:

Call Jody to schedule your Introductory Life/Passion Coaching Session*

(262) 215-2286


*Warning: There have been occasional side effects occurring with these sessions.  Others who have experienced them have noted having intense feelings of Clarity and several Aha! Moments.

Go to Jody’s Testimonials page to see what her clients are saying.

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