Jump-Start 2019

Happy TRUE Year!

I have heard many people say that 2018 was their toughest year to date.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a Jump-Start on 2019?

How would you like to have your BEST YEAR EVER?

I’d like to personally help you have it!

Because I want to make it easy for those who are struggling to move forward at a quicker pace, I have brought back my shortest, easiest and most effective coaching program available.  With ‘The Passionate Life Jump-Start’ program, your life will be forever changed in one month or less.

The Passionate Life Jump-Start* program consists of:

  • 3 Confidential and Interactive one on one sessions with me in person at East Troy Acupuncture or via phone/Skype
  • Unlimited email access and support for an entire month

During this time you will be able to:

  • Gain clarity on what is most important to you, what you are most passionate about and what brings you the most joy.
  • Create a clear vision of how your life will look with your true desires included in it.
  • Put an action plan into place so you can not only create, but start living the passionate, authentic, joy-filled life you were MEANT to live.

To GET STARTED on this life changing program, Click on the “Buy Now” Button below and Jump-Start your life TODAY!

When one person begins to live more passionately and joyfully, everyone around them gets to reap the benefits.  It truly is the gift that keeps on giving… for you, your friends and your family.

Why not give yourself (or someone you love) the Gift of Joy and Passion this year?


Jump-Start your 2019 NOWHappy_New_Year…and make it your


Interested in long-term life/passion coaching?  2, 4, and 6 session “Finding You” coaching packages are available.  For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call Jody at: (262) 215-2286

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