Finding You

As a Certified Life Coach, Jody works with clients one on one, locally in person at East Troy Acupuncture, and internationally via phone/online video conferencing.  Her main focus is helping to bridge the gaps between a person’s inner self and outer self, by helping them connect with their passions, authenticity and inner joy.  Called “Jody Pogo – Passion Coach” by her clients and colleagues, she dives into helping her clients uncover who they really are and what they truly desire.  With several certifications in the areas of Life Coaching, Passion, Law of Attraction, Love, Happiness, along with additional training, eight years of life coaching experience, and many more years of life experience, Jody has many tools and tricks up her sleeves to share with her clients.

Why consider life/passion coaching?

  • You feel stuck, bored with life, frustrated, want more, yet, are unsure how to move forward.
  • Things are chaotic, out of control, and/or you desire more balance in your life.
  • You feel as though the “real you” got left behind somewhere along the way.
  • You have decided it’s time to start a new chapter in your life and would like some guidance.
  • You’ve had a significant/unexpected life change and are not sure which direction to go in now.
  • Things are fine, but the spark from your life, or relationship, seems to be missing.

Call now to chat with Jody and schedule your Introductory Life/Passion Coaching Session:   262-215-2286

Jody Pogo/Finding You’s most popular Workshops


Life Balance:

The wheel of life can get very bumpy with career, family, relationships, finances, health, etc…  How do you keep it all in balance?  At this workshop, find out what your “Wheel of Life” looks like and how to balance each of the life area “spokes” for a smoother ride.


Toxic Relationships:

WHO we spend our time with has a significant impact on our lives – some relationships uplift and inspire us, while others are overwhelming and draining.  How do you identify the toxic relationships in your life, and what can you do to create healthier ones?  Find out at this workshop.


DeCluttering Inside and Out:

Clutter can take up space not only in your home, but also in your mind, creating stress, discomfort, and overwhelm.  This is a workshop that identifies the different kinds of clutter (both internal and external) that can affect your life and offers tips on how to sift through it, create a friendlier space, and have a clearer mindset.


If you would like to host one of these workshops in your business or home, contact Jody at 262-215-2286 or Jo**@Jo******.com