Having lived half a century in This Human Experience on planet Earth, I’ve learned a ton and come to terms with many things. One of them being:

Life is hard.

I say that, because it’s true. Getting up, going to work, running a business, raising children, dealing with other people, paying bills, taking care of a home, making health choices, going to school, managing money, battling addictions, caring for loved ones, etc… can be just some of the situations one person is influenced by within their own life (or within their families, community, or society at large). Yet, with all of its complexities, life can also be easy at times. Another thing I’ve come to terms with is:

We can have a certain amount of say-so in how our life goes.

How we respond to what life throws at us can determine how it hard or easy it feels from day to day. Every moment of every day, we are given choices and opportunities to react. We can act with love, anger, disrespect, honesty, deceit, joy, sadness, fear, etc… and how we act, or react, can set the course for what may follow. Love and fear are both great motivators, which can set in motion opposite effects. Learning to choose wisely and act in ways that bring you closer to your desires, can make all the difference in your world. For me, fear, disguised as love, was a great driver of my decisions. It kept me feeling safe and unseen, yet also unacknowledged and distracted from what I really wanted and needed. I was often afraid to “rock the boat” or risk being “un-liked” by others. Like many, I looked for validation, acceptance, and love outside of myself. The fear of failure can be just as strong as the fear of success, and self-sabotage often ensues as a safety measure to avoid both. Being stuck in the hard parts of life becomes a protective comfort zone, minus the comfort. It’s not until you get brave enough to step outside this box to explore other opportunities, that life become more interesting, and even fun. Let’s face it, the comfort zone is really not all that comfortable and neither is change. You are just exchanging one discomfort for another. I won’t tell you life gets easier when you step outside the box. It still is hard, yet it’s a different kind of hard; one that excites you, gets you out of bed, and drives you towards the easier road. It’s a different kind of scary; an exciting one. I’ve been living outside this box for quite some time now. What used to scare me, now just gives me something to dance around and through. 

Knowing who you are, what you want and why, helps.

No longer one of those perpetually positive peeps who will lie and tell you that everything is great (unless it really is); I’ve become a Realistic Optimist who will, instead, share tips, tricks, ideas, stories, and goofiness that I hope will make This Human Experience easier for you.

– Get Inspired
– Be Real
– Have Fun

Much Love,
~ Jody Pogo