What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy was discovered in 1920 by a French cosmetic chemist named Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, Ph.D.  While working in his laboratory, he had an accident that resulted in a 3rd degree burn of his hand and forearm.  Seeing a vat of clear liquid nearby, he plunged his arm into it, thinking it was water.  Within moments the burning sensation stopped.  Realizing it was not water, but really lavender oil, he began to apply it continuously over and watched his arm heal and hand with no trace of a scar.  Being a chemist, he than began to analyze the lavender and other essential oils and discovered that they contained many substance referred to as chemical constituents or chemical properties.  As a result, Dr Gattefosse determined that essential oils had tremendous healing properties and coined the term “Aromatherapy”.

Here’s my personal testimony to this:  

I heard this story over 10 years ago at a gathering of friends showing Essential Oils.  It intrigued me so much that it stayed with me in the back of my mind.  Lucky for me it popped back into the forefront one day while I was cooking.  My pasta on the stove was ready to be drained and as I  carried the pot of boiling water to the sink, when I tripped over my own feet and the boiling water splashed up over my hand.  Remembering Dr. Gattefosse’s experience, I immediately ran to my cabinet to apply the Lavender Essential Oil I had sitting around.  Much to my surprise, it soothed the burn instantly and when I awoke the next day there was nothing there!  No redness, no blisters, nothing!  I became a believer in aromatherapy from that day forward and have been “playing” with them ever since.

They have been an integral part of my life for the past 15-20 years.  I had dreamed of becoming an aromatherapist since before I became a life coach. In November of 2020, after vetting schools for nine years, I finally pulled the plug on the one I had been stalking for five.  (Clearly, not a decision I was taking lightly.) Signing up to study and become a Certified Aromatherapist through Aromahead Institute felt like I was coming back home to me.

I haven’t been this excited about anything in years!  

Now that I have circled back around to where I started, I’ve stopped making excuses, and am excited to learn the science, blending, and professional side of theses amazing, yet volatile substances. My goal is to feel more confident in my approach and communications with others on safe and various way to use essential oils. I love them!

I consistently use essential oils in my personal life, as well as my life coaching practice.

In my office space, sniffs are free! 😁

If you’d like more info or wish to set up an aromatherapy consult with me, please use the contact form below. Be sure to include detailed info on what you are looking for and how best to contact you for follow up.

Much love,

~ Jody Pogo

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