SELF Uncovery

Bridging the gaps between your inner and outer SELF

SELF Uncovery:
Bridging the gaps between your Inner and Outer SELF.

What is SELF Uncovery?

SELF: Soul Expressing Life Form

Uncovery: Bringing to light what is already there beneath the surface.

SELF Uncovery: Uncovering the authentic expression of your whole being, from Body to Soul.

What does SELF Uncovery do?

It helps you create a synergistic, authentic expression of who you really are; from Body to Soul.

What issues does SELF Uncovery look at?

² Fears around moving forward, trying something new, or trying again

² Not knowing who you are, what you’re passionate about, or what makes you happy

² Low self-esteem, low self worth, jealousy, judgment, or comparison of self to others

² Feelings of overwhelm, burnout, or stress

² Not being seen, heard, or understood

Common SELF Uncovery side-effects:

² Gaining more clarity on who you really are

² Uncovering your joys, passions, desires, personal truths

² Becoming aware of your fears and triggers so you can work through them

² Building self awareness, confidence, courage, inner strength, self-love, and self-worth

² Overcoming past “mistakes” and moving forward into the future

² Accepting yourself (and being accepted by others), liking, and maybe even loving yourself; perceived flaws and all

SELF Uncovery focuses on ALL of you: 

Body | Mind | Spirit | Heart | Senses | Soul

What do SELF Uncovery services focus on

² Body: Helping to release the trauma triggers and memory responses within the muscle and tissues.

² Mind: Replacing negative self-talk with positive. Learning to replace old beliefs with new.

² Spirit: Clearing away negative energy from your auric field and replacing with positive.

² Heart: Allowing the emotions to be seen, heard, felt, and expressed so you can move on.

² Senses: Using your 6 senses to experience all of you. 

² Soul: Finding and exploring the deeper connections to your path and purpose. Uncovering the real YOU.

SELF Uncovery Services:

  • Life Coaching (in-person and online)
  • Classes/Workshops
  • Aromatherapy
  • Energy Work

To learn more or schedule a session, contact me by using the form below. Include detailed info in the message so I know how you’d like to be helped and the best way to contact you for follow up. 

Much Love,

~ Jody Pogo