SELF Uncovery

Bridging the gaps between your inner and outer SELF

SELF Uncovery: Bridging the gaps between your Inner and Outer SELF; from body to soul.

“SELF” is an acronym for Soul Expressing Life Form.

The big question I like to help my clients get to the root of is:

“How does my soul wish to express itself?”

Uncovery” is bringing to light what is already there beneath the surface. “Discovery” is often associated with something new. ‘With “Uncovery”, we work with the authentic parts that are already there, begging for your attention. 

What does SELF Uncovery do?

It helps you create a synergistic, authentic expression of who you really are; bringing your SELF to life.

In other words, we dive into the root of who you really are, what your desires are and how you’d like to show up in your world. Maybe you want more joy, peace, passion or fun? It’s different for everyone. 

My job is to help you determine what your desires are and how you can begin to create a life around those. It doesn’t have to be a big grandiose gesture, it could be subtle change that creates ripples. Sometimes a little more is all you need. Again, it’s different for everyone.

I take an individualized approach in each session to help you take the actions needed to create the desired changes. From life coaching (asking powerful questions) to aromatherapy to energy work, each session is geared towards the person sitting in front of me. Having done this work for over 9 years, I have an intuitive sense and create a space of safety for all my clients. I follow HIPAA privacy guidelines and, unless express consent is given, the conversations that we have remain between us. My space is your space to let go and be YOU.

What main issues does SELF Uncovery look at?

  • Fears around moving forward, trying something new, or trying again
  • Not knowing who you are, what you’re passionate about, or what makes you happy
  • Low self-esteem, low self worth, jealousy, judgment, or comparison of self to others
  • Feelings of overwhelm, burnout, or stress
  • Not being seen, heard, or understood

Why would someone book a session?

  • To gain more clarity on who you really are
  • To uncover your joys, passions, desires, personal truths
  • To become aware of your fears and triggers so you can work through them
  • To build self awareness, confidence, courage, inner strength, self-love, and self-worth
  • To overcome past “mistakes” and moving forward into the future
  • To learn to accept yourself; perceived flaws and all
  • For accountability and support while you make desired changes

What are some of the benefits you may experience as a result of our sessions?

  • Being able to speak from a place of authenticity and get more of what you want
  • Transform negative thinking into positive possibilities
  • Having a deeper connection with yourself
  • Feeling seen, heard, understood
  • Having permission to make choices based on you own heart’s desires
  • Improved relationships (self and others)
  • Having real fun and enjoyment in your life (whatever is right for you)
  • Feeling comfortable being yourself

While I do see clients in person at the Honey Creek Collective in East Troy, WI, I also do virtual sessions via phone, Skype or Zoom. Click below to schedule a complimentary connection session with me to see if SELF Uncovery is right for you.

SELF Uncovery Services:

  • Life Coaching (in-person and online)
  • Classes/Workshops
  • Aromatherapy
  • Energy Work

To learn more, contact Jody by using the form below. Include detailed info in the message so I know how you’d like to be helped and the best way to contact you for follow up. 

Much Love,

~ Jody Pogo

SELF Uncovery focuses on ALL of you:

Body | Mind | Spirit | Heart | Senses | Soul