Essential Oil Basics: A Beginners Guide to Using Them

Have essential oils, but don’t know what to do with them?  Don’t have essential oils, but are curious about what they are and how to use them?  Love essential oils, but want some basic refresher tips?  Then, this is the class for you.  This EO class is not a sales pitch for a specific brand; it is purely educational.

Here you will learn what essential oils are, why people use them, and how to use them safely.  We will go over the most common (and maybe not so common) uses for five of the most popular Essential Oils: Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Frankincense.

Learn various usage techniques, what carrier oils are, and recommended dilution ratios for essential oil safety.  Come and see, smell, and learn about what nature has given us to help create a healthy mind, body, spirit and environment.

When:  Thursday, January 2nd, 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Where:  East Troy Acupuncture,  3278 Main St.,  East Troy, WI

Cost:  $10 per person. Payments can be made with cash, check or credit card prior to the event or at the door.

RSVP is preferred.  Contact Jody Pogo HERE with any questions and to lock in your place.  Friends and family members are welcome.

To pre-pay for the class and reserve seats, use the “Buy Now” button below.  Payments are done securely through Paypal.

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