A compliment notices the outside; acknowledgement notices the inside.

Compliment vs Acknowledgement

Sometimes, we want our words to be heard. We want other people to understand how we feel. We might even want someone else to see the struggles that we face and the real person that hides beneath the cool shoes, the smile, or the great hair. To be accepted, liked, or even loved for who you really are, can make a big difference in someone’s world. Even if it’s just a small piece of you that’s been acknowledged.

Hey Fear, Piss Off!

Fear: It’s what’s for dinner. And lunch…and sometimes even breakfast. Fear can consume you, while you continue to consume it. I know, I know… I said the “F” word. Again. (Not the first time and certainly will not be the last.) Like it or not, Fear is a part of Read more…

Tossing Fear and Clutter to the Wayside: Feels Good

I’ve had a heckuva time staying on track with my own self-imposed rules on how I should live, feel better, be better, keep striving for more…I see what needs to be done. Set some new rules, get overwhelmed, paralyzed, and wonder what I was trying to accomplish in the first place. My little inner rebel emerges and I literally fight against myself…