The Juggling Act

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I’ll be honest, the last 3 years have been quite difficult for me. By mid 2019 I was feeling burned out and put my business on hold. I was having difficult time navigating working two part time jobs, dealing with my health issues, and trying to see clients, host workshops, teach classes, etc… Since the jobs seemed to the things that were paying my bills, and my health was of the utmost importance, the coaching business had to go for a while.

This saddened me, because this is where I feel I really shine the most. Yet, as I pepaired to host my last workshop, and there were no butts in the seats, it seemed like the right thing to do. I was doing all the things, and it felt like I hit a brick wall… hard. As I was licking my wounds, focusing on my health and starting to feel better, 2020 hit and all hell broke loose in the world.

Rather than stay home, like so many did, our clinic remained open offering care and I kept on working and dealing with the stress of the world. We lost, then gained a practitioner during this time. After the second one left in 2021, I took another part-time job to help another clinic in need and offset the hours I was losing again. While I enjoyed being of service, this probably wasn’t my best choice. I started to burn out right away and was ignoring it. I thought, “This is just where I need to be right now.”

In the Spring of 2022 our clinic gained another practitioner, the hours expanded more than ever, and we were preparing to move to a new location. Additionally, there were some outside stresses and family and friends needed support too.

Between both jobs, I was working full time hours. This is something I hadn’t done since before my RA diagnosis in 2010.
Turns out, I’m still not able to do it without repercussions. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, I felt depleted. My body was going into flares, my eyesight was wacking out, brain fog had me forgetting simple things, and depression was sinking in. I had to make a change.

I originally stopped coaching because I didn’t think I had anything in me to give and felt like I was out of integrity. In truth, I had been giving nonstop. The difference is, I was giving what I thought was needed rather than what was best. And by best, I mean the best I can give. Working tons of hours, and losing my health and well-being, doesn’t inspire anyone, especially me. The average person can put in a full week’s work without issue. I’m not the average person. Having an autoimmune disease, makes it so that I have less perk hours in a day than a regular gal. To try to live my life and push hard like I used to is silly and self-sabotaging at best. At this point in the juggling act, I’ve come to terms with this. I need to shorten the show and/or juggle less items before they all crash down around me.

Autoimmune living is no joke and my body, mind, and spirit need me. If I am to give my best, I will start by living my best life in the ways that best support this. My life coaching practice is re-opening, I am cutting back on work hours, and self-care is back to being prioritized. I serve the best when I am at my best.

Wish me the best of luck!

~ Jody Pogo

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Jody Pogo

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