Tossing Fear and Clutter to the Wayside: Feels Good

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I’ve been pretty quiet lately simply because I’ve needed to figure out life. More specifically mine. ????

I’ve had a heckuva time staying on track with my own self-imposed rules on how I should live, feel better, be better, keep striving for more…I see what needs to be done. Set some new rules, get overwhelmed, paralyzed, and wonder what I was trying to accomplish in the first place. My little inner rebel emerges and I literally fight against myself. ????

Anyone else feel me on this?

What it all comes down to is fear. Fear of not doing it right, making mistakes, letting myself or others down. Crazy, right? It is impossible to go through life without letting someone down. I know because I went through the inventory of my life yesterday and lost count. And, while I may have (and still do) let people down, I also recognize where I’ve lifted someone up. I lost count on that too. It might be pretty equal. ????‍♀️

Before I dive into my aromatherapist coursework fully, I am needing to clear space. It needs a place to land. Old fears, old thoughts, past “failures”, and household clutter infestations, are still being tossed to the wayside. My priorities still remain house and health. ????

This is a pile of marketing business stuff I was once involved in, that I no longer do. The big welcome packets finally went to the trash, the jewelry I’ve been selling off/giving away, and the oil stuff I have packed and ready to give to my former upline for their sales use. When I keep digging, I am amazed at what I find that I have buried/held onto. I gain a better understanding of myself, what I was afraid of at the time, what I’m afraid of now, and what no longer serves me moving forward. In This Human Experience, the saga continues. Forward Ho! ????

Moving onto Sunday Funday! Feeling frisky, maybe I’ll dance later. ????

Why? Because as Tony! Toni! Toné! sings…it Feels Good, yeah. it feels goood. So does decluttering.

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Jody Pogo

Are we humans having spiritual experiences, or spirits having human experiences? Pffft! Who cares. It’s all about balance. My hope is that simply by being me and sharing what I know and love, I can offer some inspiration. Why not?


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